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Travelling to The Grenadines

International flights to Barbados, Grenada or St Lucia
Barbados is the most popular International Airport, above Grenada & St Lucia, due to the large numbers of connecting flights throughout the Grenadines.  Alternatively it is possible to fly to Martinique, Puerto Rico or Trinidad...
From these international hub airports it is then possible to get inter island flights with SVG, Liat or Mustique Airways throughout the Grenadines...

• ST VINCENT - Serviced by regular flights with Liat, the leading Caribbean Airline.  From St. Vincent there is an   inter island ferry service throughout the Grenadines 
• BEQUIA - Regular ferry service from St. Vincent and flights serviced by SVG Air & Mustique Airways (Grenadine   Air Alliance)
• MUSTIQUE - Regular flights with Grenadine Air Alliance
• UNION ISLAND - Regular flights with Grenadine Air Alliance
• CANOUAN - Regular flights with Grenadine Air Alliance

We are in the perfect position to arrange your inter-island travel, and are happy to offer advice on your international flights... simply contact us!

Private Flight Charters
We are booking agents for grenadine Air Alliance and therefore have access to the largest selection of planes - from large aircraft to small 3 seater planes...

Island Transfers by Ferry, Speedboat or Yachts
We can arrange fast speedboats, private yachts or comfortable catamarans to transfer you between islands.
There is also a regular ferry service between the islands.

We work closely with you to decide on the best options and timings... contact us for more information...

Map of Saint Vincent & the Grenadines & Grenada
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